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If your little conductor is having his favorite train over for his party, why not throw a couple of Thomas the train party games into the mix? With all those passengers coming aboard you'll will need some enjoyable activities to keep them busy. Here are a couple of Thomas the Train party games to maintain your young guests entertained.

"Pass the Whistle" Thomas the Train party game

This game is a great deal like Musical Chairs Have. You will have your guests sit in a circle, and then you hand a train whistle to the "Conductor"! The whistle is passed about the circle, until someone calls time or quit, or you can even use music just like musical chairs! Which ever guest is left holding the whistle is out. Maintain this going until there is a winner! If you want to you can make the train whistle the prize for this game! If you are gong to use music for this Thomas the train party game attempt to locate some "train" music like "She'll Be Comin' 'Round the Mountain"!

"The Conductor Says" Thomas the Train Party Game

This Thomas the train game is just like Simon Says, but with the slight variation of having your "Simon" wearing a conductor's hat! The youngsters collect in a group, and the Conductor gives them directions, such as "The Conductor says jump up and down" or "The Conductor says clap your hands". Anyone who follows a command which isn't preceded by "The Conductor says..." leaves the game.

Working with these concepts as a begin, there are a lot of others that will also function nicely if you are organizing a Thomas the Train party. Games, food and lots of just best it off. It does not take much to guarantee that your child and his or her pals will have a whistling and chugging fantastic time!

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